how to clean ceramic water dispenser

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Water dispensers bring great convenience to people's lives, but relatively speaking, ceramic water dispenser cleaning has become a rather annoying problem. How to clean ceramic water dispenser cartridge?
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How often do you clean the water dispenser cartridge?
Ceramic water dispenser have their own filter, which itself has a certain sterilization effect, but over time will accumulate a lot of dirt, so we must carry out regular cleaning of the drinking fountain filter, if necessary, we also need to replace the filter. In general, we for the drinking water filter cartridge cleaning about 1-2 months to be carried out once, up to not more than six months, so as to ensure that the drinking water filter cartridge clean, to ensure that the water safety. The other point is that if the family did not use the water dispenser for a long time, then again before using the water dispenser must be thoroughly cleaned, especially the filter cartridge, to ensure its cleanliness.
Drinking water dispenser filter cleaning method
Method 1.
First, disassemble the water dispenser cartridge, then separate the upper and lower sections of the cartridge, then use clean tap water to rinse the cartridge, if the cartridge is dirty, you can also use a brush to gently scrub the surface of the cartridge.
Fill the upper part of the filter with about half a jug of water and shake the filter up and down several times to remove the remaining water, then repeat the process to make sure the pores of the filter are clear.
3. Then fill the lower part of the filter cartridge with tap water as well, and pat it flat with the palm of your hand so that the filter cartridge will shake, and repeat this action until clean water flows out of the filter cartridge.
Method 2.
Remove the water dispenser cartridge, then rinse it with high-pressure tap water, brush it lightly, and soak it in bleach volume for about an hour, then clean it.
2. For activated carbon in the cartridge, the cleaning method is to pour out the activated carbon, then scrub it with clean water, and finally put it back in.
If the activated carbon is granular, it should be soaked in dilute hydrochloric acid for four hours, and then cleaned to restore its activity.
Method 3 (ceramic cartridge).
1. Take out the ceramic cartridge.
Put the ceramic cartridge into a bucket of water, placing it horizontally and shaking it up and down to clean it. Soak for about 5 minutes, then take out the main cartridge, and place it upside down until no water flows out of the main cartridge, then stand it upright again, put the main cartridge in a bucket of clean water, and gently shake it up and down to rinse it.
3. Then point the bottom of the main cartridge at the tap and rinse it directly until no black water appears in the main cartridge.
4. Finally, put the ceramic cartridge back on top of the water dispenser.
The filter cartridge must be cleaned regularly, otherwise the cartridge will accumulate a lot of dirt, affecting the health of drinking water, we must not ignore. The above method of how to clean ceramic water dispenser cartridge can help you.