how to clean hot water dispenser?

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People drink buckets of water is pure, beneficial to health, but if the water supply chain of the water dispenser is not thoroughly cleaned, can also lead to secondary pollution of the water. How to avoid secondary contamination and give the water dispenser a thorough cleaning?
Before giving the water dispenser "bath", we first introduced the structure and function of the water dispenser: the water dispenser is usually a bucket of water with the neck of the bucket upside down on the "smart seat" of the drinking fountain, and then by the hose inside the machine will be
The water is channelled into two chambers, one of which is the hot water chamber and the other is the cold water chamber. These two chambers, in addition to the function of hot and cold water, can also play a role in precipitating impurities in the water.
In life, people usually repeatedly replace the bucket of water, but ignore the water dispenser liner also has a certain amount of water, this water will hide the pathogenic bacteria, over time, it has become a breeding ground for bacteria, so the bucket of hot and cold water inside the drinking fountain three months without washing will be a large number of bacteria, viruses, precipitation residues, heavy metals and even sinful red insects, a serious hazard to people's health.
So, here's a reminder: "Clean your water dispenser at least once every two months." Here are a few steps to teach you if you how to clean hot water dispenser properly

Cleaning Steps
1. Unplug the power supply, remove the bucket, and open the drainage pipe behind the dispenser (usually the white plastic knob) to drain the remaining water. Then, open the hot and cold water switch to drain the water.
The most noteworthy part of this process is that the drain pipe of the vertical water dispenser is generally located at the back of the machine, while the desktop water dispenser is located at the bottom of the machine, the user has to hold the desktop water dispenser up to see.
2. Turn counterclockwise, remove the "smart seat" (the part of the dispenser that touches the bucket of spring water), and carefully scrub the inside of the dispenser and the inside and outside of the lid with alcohol cotton to prepare for the next disinfection.
3. Configure the disinfecting water according to the instructions of the decontamination tablets or disinfectant (decontamination tablets and special disinfectants are sold in supermarkets and are not expensive), introduce the disinfecting water into the water dispenser, fill the entire chamber with disinfecting water, and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
This section is worth noting: if you don't have decontamination tablets, disinfectant or disinfectant water, you can boil a pot of hot water, introduce the hot water into the water dispenser, and leave it for 10-15 minutes. The purpose of this method is to use heat to eliminate the bacteria.
Drain the disinfectant or boiling water by turning on all the switches in the water dispenser, including the drain line and the drinking water switch. To ensure that the disinfectant is drained away, try to rinse it several times with boiled or purified water. 5.
5. After rinsing several times, tilt the water dispenser to the back side, discharging any liquid that drips into the dispenser during the cleaning process, and wipe the outside and back of the dispenser with a dry cloth.
6. After cleaning the water dispenser, there may be a trace of the water dispenser cleaning fluid residue, can not immediately drink. You should drain the water until the water is discharged without chlorine smell before drinking.